A constant source of innovation, creativity and ingenuity, MUST DIE! has been a legend in the bass scene for years. His against-the-grain, refuse-to-conform approach to production has catapulted him to the top since his early days, and he has since proven that the sky is the limit when it comes to pioneering. Today, MUST DIE! returns to Never Say Die with his first release of the calendar year titled ‘NERVE DAMAGE,’ and it is sure to induce paralysis after a single listen.

MUST DIE! started 2019 with “I only ever wanted you to suffer” in ‘BLISS 2K,’ and kicks off his 2020 releases with “have you ever wondered if you were dead” from the same antagonistic female voice, a true indication of the mayhem that follows. The energy in the introduction matches the style that MUST DIE! perfected over the course of the last year, creating intrigue with every passing bar. As the minute mark hits, chaos in the form of tormenting basses and granular synths quickly takes over, demonstrating MUST DIE!’s ceaseless growth as an artist. Yes, the sound design and raw intensity of the drops are brutal and unparalleled, but it’s their combination with the melodies and surrounding effects that give the track a harmonious sense of cohesion. Flowing perfectly from start to finish, ‘NERVE DAMAGE’ is proof that originality in dubstep is not lost and that MUST DIE! is a leader in the field. Don’t miss it below.