Music Video Of The Week: Sean2 Miles X Paschan Release “Favorite”

Our pick for this week’s best music video release is “Favorite” by outstanding artists Sean2 Miles and Paschan. The music video is directed by Daniel Curtis Lee, and contains a myriad of elements allowing us to expect massive engagement by fans. Already viewed around ten thousand times on YouTube alone, “Favorite” introduces Paschan’s powerful talent to the world, marking her debut single release. Artists would dream of releasing “Favorite” as a debut single, especially taking into account that a top-notch music video was shot for the occasion. The music video takes place in a wonderful location by the sea, on a yacht, and in a dance club where the beautiful Paschan can be seen dancing with friends. 

Sean2 Miles, who is both featured on the track but is also the producer of the single, shares: The message behind the song is being with your favorite people doing your favorite things. What I hope to achieve is making it a movement of only being around the best of the best and people that you love. “My favorite part of working with Paschan, believe it or not, is her passion. That’s the equation between us two, we are both passionate about what we do. The best thing about joining forces with an artist like her is she is very driven, with tough skin, she’s motivated and most importantly she’s family.”

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