Moris Better: Loveless Confessions, A Brand New LP From J’Moris

Rising artist J’Moris surprises fans with a fantastic LP titled Moris Better: Loveless Confessions. The collection features unique, serious and yet playful songs that demonstrate the full scope of J’Moris’ talent and deep understanding of music. It begins with “Magic”, a sonically structured, booming song that gets the audience hooked. It also includes “Loveless Confessions”, the title track that is fun on the surface but explores the issues underlying relationships and human flaws in general.

J’Moris’ music flows effortlessly with his soulful voice expressing emotions naturally. He fuses hip hop, trap, r&b, and rap in a mix full of thoughts and sharp turns of phrase which is what his listeners appreciate most. The artist has previously released an album called Blac February, a smooth collection of sixteen original tracks, some of which were a collaboration with fellow artists. 

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