Moore Kismet & Leotrix Disregard Genres In 'Adore' – FUXWITHIT

We dare you to find two producers churning out more hits than Moore Kismet and Leotrix. Throughout their short yet illustrious careers, the two artists have quickly risen the ranks through respectively unique sounds that give a fresh new light to electronic music. With singles and projects out on the biggest labels in bass music, it was only a matter of time until Moore Kismet and Leotrix bridged their large geographical barrier with a track transcending distances and genres.

As the follow-up single to ‘Flair‘ from Moore Kismet’s upcoming EP on Never Say Die, ‘Adore’ sees two producers with distinct styles come together harmoniously on one eclectic piece. The textures and effects present from the get-go are glitchy and engulfing, immediately creating a sense of beautiful chaos within listeners. As the lengthy introduction builds, this sense of disorder slowly grows into a familiar tone, before Moore Kismet and Leotrix flip the script into a trap-leaning beat highlighted by crisp sounds and percussion. The second half of ‘Adore’ builds in a similar fashion, but the flow is switched into a more rhythmic allure, giving the track a more danceable feel.

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