'Mind Games' by HNTR from Upcoming & Anticipated EP – FUXWITHIT

‘Mind Games’ by HNTR is the second single from the Toronto-based techno sensation’s upcoming Mind Games EP out on March 17th from his No Neon label.

HNTR’s latest projects are inspired by the darkness of the digital world, particularly the experiences we have with technology like the internet. The four-track collection details HNTR’s bold exploration through several different genres and his effort to deepen the complex flavor of his identifying sound. The Mind Games EP will be released alongside HNTR’s first NFT collection which is a new branch of his creative brand. This endeavor has special meaning for the project since it enables the artwork for the EP to live in the digital universe that was the root inspiration. This is all just the latest from HNTR who as an artist has always been dedicated to the cutting edge of modern house and techno music.

While HNTR’s is known for his techno sound lately, ‘Mind Games’ feels like it straddles genres with a steady tech beat and flirty house percussion. It’s a gritty track that is executed with precision and unique creative consideration. Opening up with the bare bass line and quickly building sounds together the track takes off and pulls you into its catchy, but dark, sound. Drawn-out chords cast a setting of emotional intensity and play into the ebb and flow of the track. There’s also breathy synths tucked away in the breaks which seamlessly crescendo into the drops. While the elements of the track feel grainy the current of ‘Mind Games’ feels silky and takes. It all rolls together tenderly and unruffled- this seems almost metaphorical for the title ‘Mind Games’ and of course the digitalized vocals which hypnotically repeat, simply and cleanly, “Lose your mind/ Your mind.” 

Check out this stealthy electro banger below, check here for all streaming platforms/downloads, and stay tuned for the Mind Games EP.