Jacknife and The Bloody Beetroots Collab on 'Jericho' – FUXWITHIT

Jacknife and The Bloody Beetroots collab on ‘Jericho’, a thrilling futuristic banger. This dark and dramatic single is being release on Tiesto’s own Musical Freedom.

It’s no wonder that ‘Jericho’ is a fiercely dark electronic banger having been created by one of the dark realms of electronic music’s not-so-hidden gems. Both Jacknife and The Bloody Beetroots dabble in the darker side of things so there is plenty of theatrics, a quick tempo, and big synth-wave influences, and ‘Jericho’ can find itself ranked within this aggressive sound.

The track opens up with pulsating synths and intense 80’s vibes, but in a good way. That vintage, frenzied, rave sound immediately hooks into your ear as you sign up for the ride. The retro feel is quickly shaken off as the tempo builds and the drop becomes apparent. There is some cutting silence in the ambiance just before the tumble. The breakdown keeps the tension with voluminous background bass, but it’s clear that Jackknife and The Bloody Beetroots enjoyed teasing out each sample and illuminating it against the stripped-down backdrop. There is a lot of energy throughout the track and that makes for a creative contrast when they part the waves and things are calm for a moment- but just a moment, since there is little time to waste before the next big drop. ‘Jericho’ has an epic sound but doesn’t feel over the top with its theatrics; this is a testament to the dexterous mixing and master production work that is typical of these two artists. If only they could partner up more often.

If you are looking for a dark banger that has satiating substance, ‘Jericho’ is the way to go, and if you haven’t heard of either of these enigmatic figures, this is a great track to try them on for size. Have a listen for yourself below.