Marcioz Showcases Artistic Brilliance In 'DE/COLONIAL WRITING$' EP – FUXWITHIT

Curitiba, Brazil-based artist Marcio Zygmunt, better known as Marcioz, possesses musical talents far beyond his years. Evident through his previous works that combine orchestral grandeur, soul-stirring melodies, deep-rooted meaning and no shortage of punch, the talented producer has remained an underrated force in the electronic music scene ever since his debut on Record Record over five years ago. In recent times, as in his MULATO TRAGIDY EP, Marcioz has been diving into a more experimental sound, straying from the generic nature of mainstream music while continuing to drive a beautifully chaotic style.

Today, Marcioz is back with a new project titled DE/COLONIAL WRITING$ that further demonstrates his unparalleled talents as a producer. Inspired by his experience and readings on colonialism and raciality in Brazil, as well as the music influence from this period, namely flamenco, Portuguese music, samba and pagode, DE/COLONIAL WRITING$ showcases a brief yet bright side of the creative genius’ mind. ‘HINO DO CABELO RUIM & DESMONTE DA BRANQUINHA PINCHEJA ($treet Mulato Anthem)’ is all the proof one needs to get a firm grasp of Marcioz’s brilliance, starting with a flex of sheer sound design monstrosity reminiscent of SOPHIE’s otherworldly textures, yet somehow still seamlessly transitioning between these wicked consistencies and truly moving musical riffs, transcending every notion of genres. ‘SHOWYOUTHI$* (Cityismine)’ continues upon this theme, pushing the idea of electronic music to new, unprecedented limits. Finally, ‘shut the fuck up please’ contains all the information you need to know in its title – just sit back and press play, uninterrupted.

This also marks the launch of Marcioz’s new Bandcamp page as his primary source of more intimate relations with listeners. Check out his page, as well as the expertly-crafted DE/COLONIAL WRITING$ EP below.