linkr Explores The Vast Beneath With 'submerge' – FUXWITHIT

Joining the roster of releases on the brand new label, DENALI, comes an upcoming talent filled with a hunger for success. linkr is his name and he means business with his newest single, ‘submerge.’ Hailing from Brazil, this powerhouse of a producer takes no prisoners when it comes to his creations. From lush atmospheres to spine-tingling sound design, he’s been shocking the underground with his work. We highly suggest checking it out. Now with this newest track, he’s taking his skills even farther than ever. Channeling his inner melodic side, he’s managed to combine his past techniques, but at the same time, give us a taste for what’s to come in the future! And what better label to house his newest creation than DENALI. We’re all in for a treat with this one.

‘submerge’ is the next big step for linkr’s vision through the industry. His talent has skyrocketed through each second within the piece. Taking him into brand new territories while paying homage to his roots. And to honor the new label, he’s created a song that paints a calming yet impactful picture through nature and evolution. Specifically beneath land itself. From a crisp and gentle beginning to hard-hitting drops, he’s thrown in many unique characteristics and elements to complete this big everlasting journey. The impactful drums and blissful sound design in the first chorus completely show his growth as an artist and shines a new light on his art. Incorporating an addictive melody along with those drums really was the cherry on the top for the first portion of the song. Making you feel hyped up and relaxed at the same time.

This brings us to the second portion of the track. Returning to his roots, he completely switches it up during the final drop. Knocking any listener off their feet. It’s a cool yet fiery blast of heavy sound design. We do even hear some of it being teased in the first drop as a filler. But now he’s bringing it around full force with each note being played. Filled to the brim with satisfying frequencies to please not only the melodic style demographic but also the audience who love heavy music. Yes, this was definitely a great victory for both linkr and DENALI. So go support them all by streaming ‘submerge’ everywhere.