Jkuch Shows His Range With 'Underdog' – FUXWITHIT

Jkuch has become one of my favorite artists ever since I discovered him in late 2019. The way he manages to fuse melodic future bass and weird, aggressive kitchen trap is absolutely mesmerizing, and the emotional weight in each of his tracks is staggering. Jkuch is a producer that I recognize instantly due to the intensity of his tracks and sound design choices, and he really stands out from the rest of the crowd in terms of his production. Today, Jkuch returns with his first remix of 2021, which is an ‘Underdog’ remix for L*O*J, where Jkuch shows that he’s anything but.

The original ‘Underdog‘ by L*O*J is a thick, bass-heavy track, and Jkuch decides to switch it up right from the start. Giving his remix of ‘Underdog’ a more majestic approach, with fantastical keys and a filtered arp that slowly rises, Jkuch lifts the track in intensity until it erupts into a chorus of large, orchestral, saw wave synths that tear into your speakers and heart at the same time. The emotionally charged synth is something Jkuch has perfected and he continues to put it on full display on the second drop, as he lasers his way through with quick stabs that gradually shift in sound. A Jkuch remix of an L*O*J track is something I never would have considered, but damn, am I glad it happened and we’re eagerly awaiting to see what Jkuch drops next.

Be sure to check out ‘Underdog’ below.

L*o*J ยท Underdog [JKuch Remix]