Kompany Enlists MUST DIE!, Oolacile, and Akeos & Syzy For Diverse 'Feel It All' Remixes – FUXWITHIT

As one of Kompany‘s most popular tracks of 2020, ‘Feel It All’ saw the veteran producer expand his horizons with a more melodic sound without escaping his heavy signature stomp. The track, released via Never Say Die, was tailored to close off festival sets with a bang, and while it might not have served that exact purpose last year, it certainly provided a welcome addition to Kompany’s impressive repertoire of quality tunes.

Today, the euphoric track gets a remix treatment from four of bass music’s most solid forces, namely MUST DIE!, Oolacile, and Akeos and Syzy. The former kicks off with an old school rave introduction that MUST DIE! has perfected in his latest releases, where the legend layers the originals vocals overtop his playful melodies. The drops are equally as mesmerizing as the opening, with the artist combining mind-melting dubstep sound design with minimal percussion, providing the perfect contrast for bass lovers. The second rendition of ‘Feel It All’ from Oolacile is a quintessential future riddim treatment from the Halcyon label-head, which does not come as much of a surprise as he’s a key player in spearheading this new subgenre movement. The remix is fun and lively, but still riddled with bass stabs that keep the heaviness of the original alive. Last but not least, Akeos and Syzy deliver the meatiest flip of ‘Feel It All,’ doing what they do best with a relentless pounding of bass menacing your ear drums for the track’s duration. It’s chaotic yet controlled, and really just a testament to both Akeos and Syzy’s undeniable prowess.

It’s hard to pick a favourite due to the versatility of all three remixes, so check them all out below!