Klimeks Delivers Another Wave Masterpiece ‘Hidden Aura’

Although he has been much more active lately than the standards to which he has accustomed us, every single new Klimeks release is an event to be celebrated. And I am well aware that I’m not the only one who has this kind of (healthy) mania for the elusive wavemob boss. Because let’s face it: nobody does it like Klimeks. Each of his new releases is a magic tribute to the original sound of wave he pioneered a decade ago. Every now and then I wonder if these new tunes he’s putting out are results of recent studio sessions or if he is dusting off material from a few years ago. But in the end, who cares? What does it matter when a track has been created if from the very first bars it gives you goosebumps?

Since ‘Hidden Aura’ is exactly what a wave fan can expect from a classic Klimeks tune (in short, a perfectly balanced mix of trap drums, trancey leads, plucks, and pads), I’d like to take a moment to thank him for the influence he had on my life as a music fan. To do so, I’d like to quote a passage I feel very much in tune with. “Klimeks, […] was one of the very first Wave guys who I listened to, and one of the guys who got me so deeply hooked to the scene. Without the emotional depth Klimeks achieves in his work, I may have never been moved to write this blog.” This is an extract of an interview with Klimeks written by Sapphire Plant back in 2016 on her blog Lucid Steps. The very first outlet to intensively cover wave back in the days. These words resonate so much with me because they accurately reflect also my own experience. Without the power of Klimek’s music and the passion he infused into wavemob, I wouldn’t probably be here writing these words and I’d have missed out on memorable life experiences. Without further ado: thank you Klimeks, I owe you a lot!

Stream ‘Hidden Aura’ below or on your favorite platform and be sure to dig deep into Klimek’s bewitching catalog.