Keys N Krates Explore New Territory With 'Double Dutch' – FUXWITHIT

Toronto trio Keys N Krates have never been ones to stagnate. From early days as a hip-hop to band, to helping to push boundaries of trap, to raising the bar for live performances, and switching their style up with releases like Cura and A Beat Tape For Your Friends, they’re constantly in a state of evolution. Their latest single ‘Double Dutch’ only furthers this, drawing from the group’s background and mastery while injecting new elements and approach. Choir chants and tribal drums provide an exotic energy that is amplified by hints of club music and baile funk. The way the vocals are looped and layered is classic KnK, as is the trap core contained in the drops. The piano breaks give ‘Double Dutch’ a stirring sensibility while providing a stunning contrast to the more aggressive elements. It’s rare for a track to be breathtaking, wordly, and slapping all at once, but Keys N Krates have pulled it off masterfully.