Keeth. Pays Homage To The Clouds Above With 'TSHIRT' – FUXWITHIT

There’s no surprise Keeth. has been one of the most forward thinking artists within the scene. Each work of art he puts out will have your inner soul flying through a cloud of dreams. Discovering the unknown and reintroducing past feelings you thought you lost. From whimsical melodies, to hard yet soft sounding drum elements, Keeth.’s flow is unlike any other. Creating a wonderful name for himself within the industry. Destined to change and push this scene forward into a new light. His impressive discography has gained him a wonderful fan base as well as pushing some great notable musicians his way. So sit back, relax and enjoy another lush experience from the man himself.

‘TSHIRT’ is a gorgeous and lush experience. Known for his bounce dynamics, Keeth. has done it yet again with impactful drums accompany some dream inspired melodies. Taking the listener away into a better future. Each section will make you feel like you’re flying high. Soaring with the clouds, taking a real breather away from all of the negative energy. And bringing in much more pleasant ones. The way he uses each part of space to his advantage is truly breathtaking. From inserting cute melodies serving as fills, to incorporating an emotional string section, there’s no telling what he’ll do next. And once he closes it out with a light piano solo, it’ll leave your heart with a feeling of prosperity and inner peace. Taking a bow once again until next time.

Keeth. is a worthy and notable musician. His hard work and inspiration has done nothing but put him and his art into new situations to excel in. Make sure to go support this artist by streaming ‘TSHIRT’ on SoundCloud.

Keeth. · TSHIRT