josh bernstein And mark veins Shed Tears Of Enlightenment With Their 'take me away' EP – FUXWITHIT

Sprouting from the garden of life, josh bernstein and mark veins have blessed the earth with their newest project. take me away is a brand new chapter for these two souls. A chapter which will set their skills and passion higher than ever before. It’s a true awakening for ones self. Known for their soft and deep atmospheres, both josh and mark have touched the hearts and souls of the broken. Resurrecting their entities with each track released. And to see them coming together for this EP is truly inspiring and exciting.

The take me away EP is a calling to the ones who are lost. The ones who have suffered. It’s a gorgeous remedy for all to take during difficult times. Bringing nothing but star-striking melodies and feeling to the table. Being only two tracks, they’ve managed to create such an unforgettable ride. Filled with soft sounding treats for the ear. With each note being played, it’ll transport the listener into the before time and nurture their hearts. It’s a perfect project to listen to during those dull, rainy days. Bringing out all of those special and jaw-dropping characteristics. And recruiting catcat to introduce her lush and gentle vocals was a perfect edition. It gave the project that much more of a kick. And once you hear the reece bass and future bass souls swirling around your head in the second track, it’ll leave you with nothing but tears and eye-opening realizations. Everything flows together so well with beautiful touches of their future pieces.

Both josh bernstein and mark veins are two dedicated and memorable beings. Showing their craft and passion within the spectrum has impacted the audience in a luscious fashion. Trust us when we say you do not want to sleep on these legends. So make sure you show support by streaming the take me away EP on Spotify and SoundCloud.