DBangz Gives Us 'The Source' to Success – FUXWITHIT

DBangz is proof that working hard and being unique will get you far in the rap game, and his latest release ‘The Source’ featuring Jae Zole confirms that. The Phoenix-born, Los Angeles-based lyricist goes hard in this track, securing him as one of the rappers to watch in 2021.

The come-up is never easy. DBangz has had his shares of obstacles along the way to show for it. In ‘The Source,’ the rapper mentions harsh online critics, his exes, and his haters as people who didn’t think he would make it. Despite all of that, he’s certifying his success in music with this track, topped off with a fire new music video to back it up. If this is what he can accomplish at 19, we can’t wait to see what’s next for DBangz.

Name me somebody that rap out here in the game that can do that shit like us
Turnt up in a brand new whip with a bag so full that my shit might bust
Pray the ones that are around me now never act out and betray my trust
All the hating online you did to me, bet that cro and ’em take the bus

DBangz, ‘The Source’

While the rising emcee is onto better things now, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He utilizes zany wordplay, puns, and Usain Bolt-like speed to deliver his jabs. Jae Zole’s verse verifies that hard work ethic is key in this industry, saying “Worked for years, this ain’t random, bitch/ Persevere ’cause I had to, man/ A year ago, I didn’t have no bands/ Now I’m goin’ for platinum plaques/ But these lame ass motherfuckers start to understand that I ain’t no joke/ And I hope you know that I’m ’bout my dough.

Listen to DBangz’s new track ‘The Source’ featuring Jae Zole and watch the music video below.