JAWNS Showcases His Creativity With 'Catalyst' – FUXWITHIT

Since JAWNS went solo, saying the seasoned producer has leveled is a dramatic understatement. Since 2019, JAWNS has been heading down a road in dance music, that not many or any at all have gone down before. Pulling influences from all over dance music, from trap to acid house you never know what to expect out of each consecutive release. JAWNS has been able to adapt analog synths into modern bass music, making for a truly unique experience every listen, and one that we’re constantly looking push here at FUX. The young legend has already joined the ranks of RL Grime’s Sable Valley, but this time JAWNS stops by Create Music Group with ‘Catalyst’.

We begin in classic JAWNS fashion, as we’re introduced to this muddy analog loop that seems to slowly crawl out of its swampy origins as time progresses, becoming ever so more clear as the intro builds. All the while, a vocal sample straight out of a 90s club is expertly laid over this grime analog loop in the intro. As we make our way into the build, that same analog loop becomes almost inaudible as the drums peak through the mix to build suspense, and then out of nowhere all filters are dropped and we’re met with the true grit of JAWNS analog melody, over the top of some pounding percussion elements. This is a track that is a testament to how limitless dance music really is, as long as there are creatives who push the boundaries, there will always be something fresh and exciting to listen to. Stream the whole thing down below!