Ice Cube Tapped For Jack In The Box “Munchie Meal” 16 Years After Releasing Song Of The Same Name

O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson has partnered with Jack In The Box for his own signature “Munchie Meal.” The alliance with the food franchise comes 16 years after the West Coast icon dropped a single of the same name, a term he also uses when “somebody gets too big-headed.”

Cube is now the second rapper to team up with the food establishment, following Snoop Dogg’s “Dogg in Tha Box” meal in 2023. According to the food chain, the 54-year-old multi-hyphenate, was tapped for his “cultural presence and consumer appeal that caters to the rowdy, late night vibes we know and love.”

“I eat Jack in the Box, so I like to do things that’s authentic, and so I felt that was perfect,” Cube exclusively told VIBE. “They were down to collaborate and come up with something cool that fits both brands. They came to me for a reason. Jack in the Box is happy, and Ice Cube fans are happy, too — if you do something that the fans don’t connect with, you’re defeating your own purpose.”

The “Munchie Meal” sounds perfect for those late nights after the club or closing out an energy-consuming show. Giving a little bit of everything, the meal includes Jack’s iconic items: the Chick-N-Tater Melt, Jack Taco, seasoned curly fries, mini churros, and a small Sprite.

Jack In The Box

With more in store, the actor and producer will also be starring in three national commercials alongside the Jack in the Box mascot, while enjoying the limited meal, which costs $12.

In an exclusive interview with VIBE, O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson dove a little deeper into his connection to the restaurant and whether he believes celebrities still hold power to influence consumers.

VIBE: In 2008 you dropped the song “Jack N The Box,” and now you have your own meal. Did it ever cross your mind that you might be collaborating with the franchise one day?

Ice Cube: I mean, that’s a hope and a dream in the back of your mind. I did the song because I had a friend named Star, who passed away in 2021 and he would always claim when somebody got too ‘big-headed,’ that they went ‘Jack in the box,’ like the big head [mascot]. So, it started to float around our crew that when somebody show out, do something they’re not supposed to do, or think they too big — they went Jack in the box.

I did a song about me being ‘Jack in the box,’ having a big head and doing the rapper stuff. So, it was a cool song. When performing it, I think I got big horns and it’s just a cool vibe. But I had hoped that it would happen like this, but I didn’t count on it.

Do ya’ll still call people “Jack in the box” to this day?

(laughs) Yeah, we do.

So what ultimately made you say yes to doing this partnership?

Well for one, I eat Jack in the Box, so I like to do things that’s authentic and so I felt that it was perfect. It was really all about the collaboration and if they were open to ideas from our camp. I do pretty funny movies and I’ve done pretty good television here and there, and they were down to collaborate and come up with something cool that fits both brands. They came to me for a reason. We wanted to make sure that both brands were happy with the outcome. Jack in the Box is happy and Ice Cube fans are happy too. That’s really what it’s really all about. They were totally open to collaborate and come up with things that was just perfect and comfortable for me to do.

Jack In The Box

How does Cube decide who he collaborates with, what qualities must your partner have?

I mean, ‘Do they connect with my audience?’ I think that’s important. It has to be authentic. It can’t just be a money grab. Is there something that we can do that’s cool, that can be unique, stand the test of time, all that good stuff? That’s what I believe artists should be thinking about. Everything is like a painting, so it’s going to be here longer than you, so you’ve got to make sure it’s good.

Do you think that celebrities still hold the same kind of power that they did before social media? Because now anybody could be an influencer.

Sure. If they like you, they’ll listen. It’s as simple as that. No matter who it is. You don’t have to have platinum records or movies. If they like you, if they admire what you can do. Yeah.

You’re definitely a person who has shown that you can do anything you set out to accomplish. Throughout your long-standing career, you’ve ventured off into other avenues. Is there still one area that you would love to tap into that you haven’t yet?

I’ve got my hands full and I’m really living a dream when it comes to being involved with movies and music and sports. So, I don’t want to be greedy. I think I’ve been blessed on so many different levels, so I’m grateful for what I’ve got. I’m still doing music and still performing. Everything is great. I just want to keep pushing this basketball league to the top, and then from there I’ll figure out what’s next.

Ashley Darby, Terrell Owens, Captain Big Daddy Kane, Coach Ice Cube, Matt James, Gillie Da Kid Vernon Davis and Wallo of Team Webull

Ashley Darby, Terrell Owens, Captain Big Daddy Kane, Coach Ice Cube, Matt James, Gillie Da Kid Vernon Davis and Wallo of Team Webull celebrate during the Monster Energy BIG3 Celebrity Game at Capital One Arena on August 19, 2023 in Washington, DC.

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With today’s musical climate, has your love for making music changed in any way?

Nope. What’s cool about being in the game almost 40 years is I’ve got my own style, I’ve got my own flavor. I don’t have to chase these different styles of music. When people get an Ice Cube record, they want it to sound like Ice Cube. I’m focused on staying in my lane, in my wheelhouse, and doing the records I know I can do the best. I’m comfortable having fun with it.

Thinking of all you’ve accomplished over three decades, even now with this new partnership, what’s something you would have told your younger self?

I would just tell young Cube, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t change nothing.’ I think every good thing is something to celebrate, but even the stuff that I didn’t like that happened throughout my career, it was lessons to learn. It really ‘grew me up’ in the business. I take the good with the bad.

Jack In The Box

For a limited time, fans can grab the $12 meal starting June 3rd until July 14 at Jack In The Box establishments nationwide.