Diddy Accused Of “Blackballing” Producer Who Rejected His Sexual Advances

Diddy has been accused of more inappropriate behavior, this time by a male Hip-Hop producer named Amir “Prince” Motamedi. On Friday (May 17), Motamedi took to Instagram after CNN released the video showing Diddy’s 2016 assault on Cassie. The producer, who has worked with Waka Flocka Flame, French Montana, and more, shared a story of his own by recalling a 2011 incident. 

“13 years I’ve been exposing this man #diddy no one believed me till now. At that time when you were my age looking as good as I did sh*t he wanted my a**, but homeboy didn’t know I don’t get down wit none of that sh*t,” he captioned the post. 

The post then went into the incident involving a “deal” with French Montana, where Combs allegedly “took a pass” at the producer. He later added upon his vague claim with a more direct one: “Diddy tried to blackball me because I didn’t suck his d*ck.” “Yall seen the videos today,” Prince typed in the post. “Y’all should have listened to 2Pac. Word to 50 Cent.”

Motamedi’s accusation hit the net days before a former model named Crystal McKinney accused Combs of drugging and sexually assaulting her 20 years ago

TMZ reports that McKinney claims she met Combs at a 2003 fashion event in New York City, where she alleges that Sean Combs “made a very public display of coming on to [her] in a sexually suggestive manner.” 

McKinney’s lawsuit stated that at some point during the event, she smoked weed with Sean Combs, believing the drug to be laced. As a result, Crystal remembered becoming “very intoxicated” from the joint and was then led to a bathroom by Puffy. There, McKinney claimed Diddy “forced her to perform oral sex on him.” 

In the aftermath of the alleged assault, Crystal claimed that the hitmaker “blackballed” her from the modeling industry and that his actions led to a suicide attempt the following year. 

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