House Musician NoVone Releases Two Singles “COSMO” & “Feelings”

Versatile techno artist NoVone drops two unforgettable singles by the names of “COSMO” and “Feelings.” The upbeat songs are ear-pleasing to any listener of any genre because of their authentic qualities.

The single “COSMOS” is the perfect rave song for many reasons. One of them is the storytelling progression that’s consistent throughout the song. The beats take any listener to an electronic adventure, full of positive energy and incredible drops. In its fast-paced progression, it’s impossible not to express your joy through dancing and jumping up and down. 

As for “Feelings,” the artist evidently focuses on a slightly different genre with EDM and electro. NoVone also creates one of the most innovative beat-drops in the game and that’s one of the most memorable aspects of his singles. “Those catchy chords transcend over to a brutal drop just like a cocktail of emotions,” said the artist himself. 

NoVone always keeps himself busy and is deemed as one of the most prolific techno artists in the game. His first song came with “Olympia,” which was followed by creative singles like “Exist,” “Above It All” and “Burn It.” He managed to produce all of these songs in the middle of the pandemic in 2021. 

Creative artists like NoVone have a clear spot in the future of techno, house and EDM. “Feelings” and “COSMO” are now out and available for purchase and streaming.

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