Herobust Pulls On Heart Strings With His Nostalgic Single 'Remember' –

As we approach the end of this wild ride of the year we call 2020, it can be so easy to think of all the negatives that have come out out of these last 365 days. That’s why it’s more important now than ever for us to come together as a community and remember all the good times we’ve shared before this. The world and music scene require an optimistic and hopeful message, and that’s just what Herobust gave us. Already one of the most influential names in the scene, Herobust has been recently garnered attention on social media by sharing stories of his rise to fame with the hashtag “#ICanStillRemember”. From surprising fans as a food vendor at Lost Lands, to being booked by mistake, Herobust sharing these stories not only has shown us a little bit more about one of our favorite acts but also has caused a lot of us to reminisce on what made us get into the scene as a fan. After a few weeks of stories from the man himself, he fittingly drops a complimentary record ‘Remember,’ perfectly encapsulating the message brought forth from sharing these memories.

We start with an uplifting melody accompanied by the vocals “I can still remember, the times we have together.” After the intro, we’re quickly thrown into a build section that at first sounds like a majestic future bass drop that quickly transitions into a quick build. Soon after, Herobust perfectly finds that balance of hard and melodic in the drop section, combing these bubbly synths behind these aggressive basses. If you need some positive energy, make sure to stream the whole thing down below and check out the video, maybe you’ll see yourself.