Colson XL Break The System With 'Get You Off' – FUXWITHIT

If there was a track to describe what the future might feel like, it’s Colson XL‘s brand new single, ‘Get You Off.’ This powerhouse of a duo certainly has their own style and flare. When it comes to soft melodies and impactful sound design, they waste no time in sharing their true colors through sound and rhythm. Known for their distorted vocal processing and melodic glitch grooves, they continue to impress many around the industry.

From releases on Sable Valley, Phuture Collective, BONSAI and more, they’re growing a garden of love and success for themselves and their audience. And with the power of intricate production and soulful arrangements, they can turn anything into gold.

‘Get You Off’ is a harmonic escape into your mind. An impactful love note to the struggling hearts and souls. From the cathartic beginning, to the god like chorus, every section contains an inescapable feeling you’ll want to hold onto for years to come. It’s as if the song takes your soul and nurtures it. Telling you it’ll be ok and how you’ll overcome the next challenge along your journey. And once they hit us with the final chorus, it’s a sense of spiritual relief. The house arrangement brings it all together in a groovy and out of body fashion.

Colson XL are a unique duo. Their take on frequency taming and song structure is like no other. Which puts them away from the normal, and into their own style. We’re excited to see what they create next. Make sure to support by streaming and downloading ‘Get You Off.’

Colson XL · Get You Off