Herbalistek Craft a Cinematic Experience in ‘Midsommar’ – FUXWITHIT

A duo that seems to be ever-evolving in talent and potency, Tokyo-based Herbalistek have been enduring the moments of uncertainty by seeking out new creative inspirations, as well as further honing the existing skills in their production arsenal. Positioned as a direct take and contrivance of the 2019 film Midsommar, Herbalistek’s latest track looks to capture the thrilling suspense and exhilarating theatrics of a well-cultivated horror plot. Utilizing dynamic peaks and valleys, and an assortment of eclectic sonic components the duo concocts a bassline that is climactic in nature, experimental in sound and an absolute treat to the ears.

Check out ‘Midsommar’ by Herbalistek below and be sure to grab a free copy of the track here!

Herbalistek · Herbalistek – Midsommar