Heimanu Does It Again With Emotional Anthem 'Mira' – FUXWITHIT

“I wanted to make something with a bit more emotional depth and perspective to it… A song that grabs at the heart and doesn’t let go, which is very different to my normal Wave sound.” – Heimanu

This is how Heimanu presents us his latest creation, released a couple of days ago on the infallible Liquid Ritual imprint. Being used to his electrifying and stormy NuRave tunes, I have to say these words have definitely tickled my interest and I was curious to see to which extent they had been put into practice. ‘Mira’ (not to be confused with this ‘Mirae‘) is indeed one of the most reflective works we ever got from the Aussie producer. Instead of explosive drops and whirling build-ups, its massive chords and airy vibes bring in atmospheres that are definitely more close to the world of movie and videogame scores. Anyway, it’s Heimanu we’re talking about, not Brian Eno. It might not be a mosh-pit starter, but ‘Mira’ is still highly imbued with an uplifting and euphoric aura that makes this song one of the most unconventional dancefloor anthems of the past years. It’s been a long while since the last time I heard a bass tune able to lead me into a self-discovery journey and at the same time make me want to be in a sweaty crowd. Usually, the two reactions are diametrically opposite, but ‘Mira’s emotional charge is so powerful that it really inspires me to let myself go and cry on the dancefloor.

On Twitter, Heimanu managed to add more context around this special release. ‘Mira’ is “A song probably best enjoyed while the skies are grey with sleeting rain, or as you drive at night through a sleeping city. Or both. More importantly, I hope this song helps you cope with hopelessness, loss or grief. It certainly helped me.”

‘Mira’ is out now via Liquid Ritual and is available for both listening and purchasing here.