COFFIN Puts A Spell On The Audience With 'Need Me' – FUXWITHIT

Rising from the grave, COFFIN is back yet again to inspire and shine a beautifully dark light on his listeners. This time, he’s bringing us a track called ‘Need Me.’ This artist is truly skilled and flexible when it comes to this style of art. His drums and sound design will impress and hypnotize anyone who listens. Known for his grimy leads and arrangements, he’s taken the industry by storm and continues to spread satisfying atmospheres. From energetic house, to groovy trap, COFFIN can turn any genre into gold. So you definitely won’t want to sleep on this pure gem.

‘Need Me’ is a deep and dark journey. Incorporating flavors of trap and house is a genius way to go. Taking everything he’s learned so far and putting it to the test. We can even hear an airy vocal which ties everything together. Adding an extra layer of rhythm for all to be addicted to. And once those drops hit, it’ll have you grooving in any situation. Creating a sense of wonder and awe through each note being played. Mixing up the bass house sound design with those angelic vocals creates a beautiful feeling. Wherever you end up, this song will instantly bring you gratitude and joy. Which is what an artist wants to capture when creating any form of art.

COFFIN has proven to be a true and unique musician. His skills and passion for this style of music will only take him higher than before. So make sure to go support him by streaming ‘Need Me’ everywhere.