GURF & ZCR Show Off Their 'Ice' – FUXWITHIT

Partica artists, Gurf and ZCR are rolling into 2021 absolutely dripped out. With an overflowing handful of bangers between them, it’s a good sign when we get to celebrate the new year with a new Partica artist collab. GURF and ZCR have teamed up on ‘Ice’ in 2021, and we made sure to grab a jacket.

‘Ice’ begins with a spooky beat that sends chills down your spine, that slowly builds into a flurry of whipping synths and frosty vocals at the drop. There’s a spark during the bridge that erupts during the second drop into warm, 8-bit-like wubs that overtake your speakers. If ‘ICE’ is any indication of what Partica has lined up for 2021, I would tell you it’s gonna be a blizzard of goodness.

Check out ‘ICE’ below: