Dilip and Otxhello Link Up for 'late year' – FUXWITHIT

If you love hip-hop or future beat, you’re gonna dig this one. Dilip and Otxhello team up for a new project called late year. Yesterday, we wrote about their new release with Quickly Quickly, called ‘Yo.’ But just when we thought they were finished, they drop a new album.

You’re never going to get bored listening to late year. The album begins cinematically with ‘play!!-‘ making us feel like we’ve just entered Disney’s Magic Kingdom: Trap Edition. The track then diminuendos, giving a silky transition into ‘sinking @@!,’ which features FUXWITHIT fave, chromonicci. I was excited to hear some funk and jazz beats in ‘freeze ^√ ~’ and ‘make it count +={},’ but the pièce de résistance for me had to be ‘A-1$•¥.’ The song takes you for a ride, starting off with bluesy keys and going all gas, no breaks into a sample of E-40’s ‘My Shit Bang.’ What can I say… I’m a simple girl. If you play Bay Area music, I’m gonna get hyphy.

There’s no doubt Dilip and Otxhello have a talent for beat-making and joining forces for late year makes them all the more powerful. Their musicality and versatility, in even just a single track, is dumbfounding. And knowing the young producers are only 21 and 23 years old respectively, will really have you wondering, ‘what the fuck am I doing with my life?’ But enough about me, you have to listen to late year for yourself.