Golden Child And Robu Hit The Mark Yet Again With 'Vendetta' – FUXWITHIT

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Partica Artist Group is the future of trap music. Co-founders Runnit and Gurf have developed a community of passionate listeners and talented young producers over the past few years, and in turn, have become the launching platform of some of the most promising artists in the underground electronic music space. Two of the names at the top of this list are without a doubt Robu and Golden Child. Both Robu and Golden Child are known for their crazy off-kilter trap beats full of interesting percussion elements, booming 808s, and some of the craziest sound design you’ll hear in the genre. These two combine talents in their latest single on Partica, ‘Vendetta.’ 

We start with the appearance of this ominous lead synth, which seems to be almost sort of call to action. That action is soon revealed after a quick build leading to the drop section of this trap masterpiece. With the focus on the pounding drums and the sudden surfacing of that aggressive lead in the intro, this section immediately injects energy into the track. The remaining sections of the track incorporate different percussion progressions and arrangements to give the feeling of constant evolution throughout the track. Make sure to stream the whole thing down below and grab that free download while you’re at it!