Get In Your Feelings With Lido's 'Postclubridehomemusic' – FUXWITHIT

The ride home from the club can be quite a trip. The intoxication mixed with the contrast of your senses going from overloaded to a more normal state is sure to have your mind drifting. Lido‘s latest single, the aptly titled ‘Postclubridehomemusic,’ captures this perfectly. Opening with the hook, “Oh, why am I living so fast?/ Slow wine got me speeding off track/ I don’t know why I was feeling like that/ Something came over me and never came back,” listeners are immediately transported into Peder’s mind. The production is unsurprisingly excellent, providing a futuristic backdrop that perfectly pulls back and punches forward around his vocals. The way the beat evolves with each iteration of the hook allows the same lyrics to pack a completely different feeling and world of emotion. On the surface it’s a catchy and honest ballad, but if you dig deeper it’s clear to see Lido’s production mastery is always present. Listen below and peep the visual.