G Jones & Eprom Reunite In Acid-Infused ‘On My Mind’

Few pairs of artists have better chemistry than G Jones and Eprom. Individually, the producers are trendsetters and influencers in the bass realm. Together, this statement is amplified tenfold, as previous concoctions such as ‘Daemon Veil‘ and ‘Hysteria‘ still have a lasting impact on sounds rampant throughout the scene to this day. Forward-thinking while having a deep appreciation for the style of music that has shaped the modern era, G Jones and Eprom fuse classic sounds with innovative ideas to break down the barriers of cookie-cutter electronic music.

To the pleasure of many, the pair of producers announced Acid Disk Vol. 2 earlier this week, a follow-up to their 2017 project. With the announcement comes the first single, ‘On My Mind,’ which further showcases the outside-the-box mentality that the pair continuously strive towards. It’s difficult to do this one justice with words. Aside from the obvious acid touch, ‘On My Mind’ boasts influence from breakbeat, dubstep, and even jersey club, simultaneously sounding chaotic as it does controlled and complex. It’s eclectic yet grounded, and ominous yet lively. ‘On My Mind’ is truly something only G Jones and Eprom could ever create. Don’t miss it below.