FUXWITHIT Takes Over Ultra's Turbulence Playlist – FUXWITHIT

Few brands in electronic music are more iconic than Ultra. With over 20 years in the game, Ultra Music Festival has been one of the most defining events in the scene. From breaking new acts and tracks, to celebrating legends, Ultra & Miami Music Week are peak electronic music. So when they asked us to do a takeover for their Turbulence Spotify playlist, you know we had to jump at the opportunity.

Embodying our Champions Of The Underground outlook we’re showcasing new music from FUXWITHIT favourites like LYNY, Rusha & Blizza, Shöckface, thook, capshun, silva, Dabow, Rome In Silver, TroyBoi, Borny, The Funk Hunters x ESKEI83, Xavage, Sebjin, Jelacee, and so many more! From heavy-hitting trap and bass, to house, future beats, UKG, wave, and rap, there’s a little bit of everything we stand for. Enjoy the selections below.