Eyezic and M.E. Swank Move Us with 'Run' – FUXWITHIT

It’s only the beginning of the year and Eyezic and M.E. Swank are already doing big things like dropping ‘Run’ on Elysian Records. TroyBoi, StayLoose, and THIEVES are just a few of the names that have released on the label, so it’s a pretty big deal for the two producers. Both Eyezic and M.E. Swank actually scored FUXWITHIT premieres at the end of last year and we love to see they worked together for this huge collab.

When writing ‘Run’ it was absolutely a perfect blend of both styles from myself and M.E. Swank. I remember tuning in to one of his twitch streams after a writing session and he had shown me what he had made that day. It was absolutely perfect, and he had immediately sent it to me. I got to work right away and had been sitting on it ever since! I’m so happy to have had this opportunity with Michael (M.E. Swank) and I’m thankful for Skye to have really killed it with the icing on the cake with “keep running back to you.”


‘Run’ is a fresh future bass tune featuring heavenly vocals from Skye. Soothing keys and spirited synths start off the track slowly. But the melodic build-up that leads into the song’s daring drop is what really hooks us. Eyezic and M.E. Swank really went in on this tune, and we can’t see what’s next for them both. We think it’s only the beginning.

Listen to ‘Run’ by Eyezic and M.E. Swank below!