ETC!ETC! & SpydaT.E.K Team Up For 'Sueltalo' EP – FUXWITHIT

The beat is what is at the heart of ETC!ETC! & SpydaT.E.K’s Sueltalo EP released with Slow Roast Records. Through fierce moombahton party vibes, the percussion of this EP traverses a technical soundscape that highlights the skills of these artists. ‘Bang’, ‘Sueltalo’, and ‘Dale Dale’ will all get your heart racing for different reasons. 

ETC!ETC! & SpydaT.E.K team up with Audio Kartel to get down on ‘Bang’. This track lays down the reggaetón sound with heavy slaps with a vigorous rhythm, blaring synths, and big party vibes. The background vocals become clear as they approach the foreground and aggressively repeat simply, “Guns on my waist.” This track is definitely one to get hyped to and lap up the energy that just oozes from the clips of sirens, gunfire, and creeping, big bass. The urge to get up and bounce to this one is damn near irresistible.

For the other two tracks, ETC!ETC! works magic with Spyda T.E.K, creating original sounds with the same big bass and high energy as ‘Bang’. With more of a massive sound, ‘Sueltalo’ brings serious amounts of drama and energy, but here’s also a playful flute sample that stirs up the attitude before some deep male vocals lead into the meatier center of this track. There’s a hardy theatrical build-up but the intensity is kept high even when the track bounces right back into a brassy horn and reggaetón swagger. It’s different, fun and definitely gives off sunny summer party vibes. 

‘Dale Dale’ wastes no time and immediately inundates you with quick lyrics and a beat. As the beat gets layered in with punchy drums, saucy snares, the lyrics get more ferocious and the drama builds as the break approaches. The swift nature of all the track’s elements creates a kind of fervor for the drop. Deeper into the track, the richness of the reggaetón rhythms come out until its blooming with brassy horns and the classic beat of a strong kick drum. It’s fun to the finale since there’s a bit of a breakdown towards the tail end that gives ‘Dale Dale’ a strong finish. 

Check them out below.