Eva Shaw and DillanPonders Got The ‘JUICE’

Canada continues to shine in the music industry, always unveiling new artists for us to discover in both dance music and hip-hop. This time, Toronto’s Eva Shaw and XXL’s “Top 10 Canadians to Know,” DillanPonders link up to reveal a braggadocious house tune called “JUICE.”

With Eva Shaw’s Hype-Hop series—where the artist merges EDM and hip-hop—she continues to find inventive ways to reintroduce the two genres to one another. The DJ/producer has always been deeply integrated in both scenes, so her efforts to remind people that the genres actually aren’t so different, is something we’re all about.

Dillan and I first met in the studio in Toronto. He rolled up with some liquor and a huge smile and we instantly clicked. We are both weirdos and like experimenting with music and sounds, plus he cracks me up and inspires me every time we connect. During the pandemic, we sent a lot of music back and forth and I had randomly one day started doing dance beats on his bars. This one we both freaked out over and I decided to put it as a main single leading up to my debut album, “SOLO”. I normally put my G-house releases on the Hype Hop EPs but I thought it would be dope to show my versatility on this album by mixing up the genres. I am so excited about this record and I think this one will really appeal to both EDM and Hip-Hop fans.

Together, Eva Shaw and DillanPonders produce a playful club track that’ll bang in any environment. Eva’s low and slow four-on-the-floor beat, matched with Dillan’s suave and sultry bars on the aptly-named “JUICE” will give the ego boost everyone needs. And the rapper confirms that was the song’s intention: “Working with Eva is always a blast, I always trust her direction.  I initially recorded these bars to a completely different beat and she went ahead and turned the song into a massive heater. ‘JUICE’ as a record is pretty self-explanatory.  Big vibes + Big confidence = Big tunes, its just math ”