entza Delivers A Melodic Halftime Bop In 'KO' – FUXWITHIT

Over the last month, Phuture Collective have slowly been unleashing their sixteenth compilation titled Pulp, perfectly priming listeners for the upcoming summer. First came JKuch’s glitchy, uplifting ‘Zest,’ shortly followed by Flawed Mangoes’ laid-back, slow-burning ‘Isolated.’ Now, Phuture Collective is back with the third piece from the ensemble in the form of entza‘s unique halftime track titled ‘KO.’

The mysterious producer boasting less than three hundred followers on SoundCloud lets his music speak for itself with ‘KO,’ despite hinting at a potential side project or rebrand. Slightly reminiscent of old school KOAN Sound but different enough in its own right, ‘KO’ is a beautiful balance of melody and bass, attesting to entza’s underrated abilities. The track never reaches a real peak in energy, but never fades enough to lose one’s attention. ‘KO’ is a steady outpour of emotion, aptly suited for the boundary pushing Phuture Collective imprint. Don’t miss it below.