Elderbass Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Future With 'Change Your Mind' – FUXWITHIT

Freshly minted in the past 12 months, Underdog Records, spearheaded by the legendary figure Protohype, has turned the printing presses up to maximum capacity, sprinkling quality releases at near-pristine intervals. Looking to provide a homey platform for only the most talented of up-and-comers, they’ve decided to shine the spotlight on the exceedingly gifted Connor Elder, also known as Elderbass. Earning this hard-fought spot as the first artist to be showcased on the label was no easy feat, but one that was wholly deserved as his track ‘Undrgrnd,’ among others, has been consistently rinsed by some of the hottest acts in the game currently. Now, he’s graced our collective ears with ‘Change Your Mind,’ an elegant, sophisticated soundscape.

Built upon a foundation of “ethereal melodies, beautiful lyrics, and high energy,” ‘Change Your Mind’ is surely in a class of its own. A marked divergence from his traditional stylings, this is a track that tugs on the heartstrings, rather than viciously going for the jugular. Don’t think for a second that it doesn’t hit though, as the rumbling bass lines will quake your spirit at its core. Utilizing, lush, full-bodied vibrations that make your entire being tingle, the only thing you’ll be changing your mind about is your list of “artists to start paying attention to.” Wholeheartedly presenting the type of range and diversity this swiftly-emerging bass aficionado is capable of, ‘Change Your Mind’ is an idiosyncratic, melodic adventure of supreme levels. If Elderbass wasn’t on your radar before, he’s surely a titanic blip on it now. Check out ‘Change Your Mind’ for yourself below!

Underdog Records · Elderbass – Change Your Mind