Echo Map & Azaleh Demonstrate Flawless Chemistry In ‘Feather’

Inspected have never let genres define their releases. Instead, they focus on sharing a variety of styles that broadly fall under bass music, highlighting talented artists that deserve to be part of the conversation, no matter the size of their following. From Ankou’s diverse Cosmogony EP to Powered by Inspected – Series 3, the UK-based collective have been on the quality over quantity grind in 2022, while still shining a light on unique creatives.

Following William Light’s single ‘Lift You Up‘ from late June, Inspected are back today with the release of Echo Map and Azaleh‘s ‘Feather,’ a single accompanied by a second track titled ‘Nightfall.’ Despite being the first (and second) collaboration between these two producers, it comes as no surprise that their work is so cohesive and immersive, and Inspected is a welcome home to both their sounds. Each artist has an extensive catalogue of rich, soul-engulfing tracks that span much much longer than your average radio hit, creating sonic worlds within their songs to scratch more than a basic surface itch. ‘Feather’ and ‘Nightfall’ continue to do just that, meshing lavish melodies and otherworldly textures.

The title track, ‘Feather,’ opens with a graceful piano introduction that slowly builds with atmospheric effects and gentle percussion. Growing with additional layers of bass, the artists have concocted a track that transitions gradually from a focus on melodiousness to a focus on sound design, yet they never cut the natural flow of the piece. Seamlessly crafted and meticulously arranged, ‘Feather’ is as delicate as its name suggests. ‘Nightfall’ follows, beautifully complementing the opener with a more rugged approach as Echo Map and Azaleh put a heavier emphasis on bass. The introduction lures listeners in with its intriguing aura, before changing tones into a more bass house-leaning cut. While the first half of ‘Nightfall’ is mellow yet whimsical, the electro inspiration in the second half further demonstrates the production knack that both artists possess, forging a well-rounded piece from start to finish.

Don’t miss ‘Feather’ below.