Codaclef Heals All Wounds With His Famous Homemade 'Time Soup' – FUXWITHIT

Feeling that yearly cold coming on? Well don’t fret because Codaclef is about to whip up a pure healing remedy. A homemade recipe he calls, ‘Time Soup.’ Chocked full of organic ingredients and nutrients, this specific dish of whimsy can cure even the nastiest of sicknesses. From blissful melodies, to a god tier arrangement, the Birmingham, England icon is taking no prisoners this time. But, if you haven’t heard of this legend yet, then definitely get familiar!

A vast discography, high-quality production and more, he’s proving to be one of the most unique beat creators in the industry. From glistening flips of Cardi B and Kendrick Lamar, to tackling on some nostalgic video game melodies, Codaclef’s style changes each track while still holding his signature flare. Proving how flexible and adaptable he can be. And teaming up with Destinuna, they’re all working hard to truly bring his vision to life. Giving him the recognition he deserves.

‘Time Soup’ is an everlasting dish of gentle tones. Perfect for those cold and stormy nights. Where any listener can just sit back, relax and enjoy this journey of a lifetime. His signature style really shines on a whole new level within this piece, and evolves at the same time! Paying homage to his journey so far while showcasing some brand new tricks up his sleeve.

The intoxicating arrangement created by many different qualities truly takes your breath away. There’s so much detail contained but it all works in such an organic fashion. Powerful drums, playful percussion, and of course his angelic sound design really takes the listener into a brand new world of electronic music. Pushing the genre in a healthy and inspirational sense. Even when it ends, it’ll leave you wanting more. Breaking the repeat button in the process. We’re excited to hear where he goes next! So make sure to go support by streaming ‘Time Soup’ via Destinuna!

Destinuna · Codaclef – Time Soup