Coco & Breezy are ‘Liftin Me Up’ with Sublime New Single

House duo Coco & Breezy return with soulful force on their shimmering new single, ‘Liftin Me Up.’ The twins are no strangers to filling a dance floor, as evidenced by their well-loved discography and fast-growing fan base. ‘Liftin Me Up,’ however, serves as a spiritual affirmation. It’s an ambrosial track that is a testament to female power, community, and family.

The release is in conjunction with Femme House x Insomniac, an 11-track package built around some of the most prolific female-identifying producers in the current house music scene. The compilation is also the first-of-its-kind for Insomniac and house music at large.

Indeed, the skill of these two DJs is steadfast. Grooving basslines flow into one another, accompanied by well-placed vocal chops and melodic moments. Eccentric ancillary percussion is peppered in between. The production covers a wide palette of sounds, melding R&B and house music into a work that uplifts the listener while simultaneously encouraging deep reflection. In the span of a few short years, the duo has developed an enthralling signature style that has enlivened the dance scene. 

Coco & Breezy also speak to a desire to foster community in their music. “Progress isn’t passive and it doesn’t happen alone.” They add, “We are constantly setting intentions, reflecting, and affirming one another to help our whole tribe grow & prosper.  We need to lift each other up – through words, through actions, and through music. That’s why Femme House was a perfect partner for us with this song.”

The track closes with an intimate recording of the twin sisters with their mother, in which they reflect on “something [that] might come your way that you think is negative.” At that moment, one of them reconsiders. “[I say] hold on. Let me think about this blessing I got…Everything is carved out in our lives for a reason… it’s divine order.” In this moment, the listener, who had been surrounded by chants of “you’re lifting me up so let me hold you down”, grasps the necessity of support and perspective in the face of adversity, and the necessity of providing that support for others. 

“No one has lifted us up more than our parents, so when our Mom needed some support recently, we had to make sure we held her down like she’s always done for us,” the duo later added.  This bubbling track thus ends in a reflective repose. Work that is both a party and at peace. Listen to ‘Liftin Me Up’ now and find it on your preferred streaming service here.