chromonicci. Shows His 'True Colors' With Outstanding New EP – FUXWITHIT

About two years ago chromonicci. answered one of our questions as follows: “To be honest, I’m still pretty dissatisfied with the quality of my vocals, but gotta take it one step at a time!” Will he be of the same idea today, 600 days later? I dare to answer myself for him: no. I’m not saying it out of arrogance, but because his brand new EP True Colors speaks loud and proud about his matured familiarity behind both keyboards and microphones. After an impressive series of releases in the first half of this 2020 (nearly twenty if I did the math right) where he showcased a strong versatility jumping from lo-fi jams to trap slappers, here Christian returns to narrate us his creative vision through his unmistakable voice in a 6-tracks vocal project produced, written & performed by himself. Quoting myself, “It’s a one-man show where, with every track, he keeps reminding you that he can ‘do it all.”

I will never be tired of repeating that the most beautiful thing about chromonicci’s music is its ability to make you immediately feel comfortable and loved, even if you haven’t listened to it for a while. For example, due to my emotional reaction to this first part of the year, my tastes have moved to very different musical territories. However, as soon as I’ve listened True Colors I immediately felt hugged by an old friend and I returned the same old enthusiast fanboy. Call it contemporary R&B, experimental hip-hop, True Colors is now what I consider a new peak of the evolution of the niccibounce. From the opening interlude to the instrumental closing, there’s plenty to experience in this journey alongside Christian’s divine voice. Among dozens of incredible details, I’d like to highlight the incredibly funny and syncopated beat of ‘Mismatch’ (pay attention to the groove here), the exuberant motif of ‘With You’ that somehow reminds me of some old irish-folk songs, the voluptuous bassline of the title track and the unexpected guitar solo of ‘Sunshine’. With its powerful vocals, ‘Beautiful People’ is definitely the song more in line with the pop music dogmas, and with a proper edit I’d easily see it gaining heavy traction on mainstream playlists and even radio.

Despite the difficult times, being a full-time musician seems to have only benefited chromonicci, who has further proven with this EP to be in a exquisite shape. For this reason, I passionately invite you to listen to the EP below or on your favorite platform and to support the man as much as possible. There’re countless ways to do this. Share this article on Facebook and Twitter, share his music directly in your stories, in your tik toks and favourite subreddits, follow his social accounts, buy his music on Bandcamp….Let’s give back nicci what he deserves.