'Broken Patterns' Is All You Need In Your Life From FRQ NCY – FUXWITHIT

Dedicated to establishing a deeper connection with his listeners through his multifaceted production style, FRQ NCY continues to rumble the bass scene one release at a time. By drawing inspiration from globally recognized producers such as Flume, Bassnectar and Deadmau5, FRQ NCY has already showcased his dark, yet signature sinister sound with the release of his 2018 The Apex Effect EP. However, what lures his fan base into wanting more of his infectious production style is his ability to build on his signature sound with a much more twisted approach. From distortion, sub-bass frequencies, eerie synths and ground breaking basslines, just a few of these descriptors are already enough to prove that FRQ NCY is bringing out those mystical vibes which sway between bass and slow tempo trap music. Known as one of Atlanta’s finest producers, FRQ NCY’s motivation to perfect his sound design does not unnoticed with the release of his Broken Patterns EP out now on Bassrush.

With mystery as one of FRQ NCY’s key elements, a rush of layered frequencies and a growling distortion lead listeners into his world of ‘Broken Patterns.’ Beginning to hallucinate with copious amounts of ground shaking bass and cutting edge instrumentals firing through the single, FRQ NCY is just getting warmed up. Warning listeners with a uneasy sound that feels as if came from a movie when things are about to go wrong, this producer incorporates the use of slow tempo lasers along with a buffered trap instrumental to completely blow your mind away. Now, ‘Love + Hate,’ are strong words in the music industry. Some absolutely love bass and some despise it, but the beauty of FRQ NCY is that he paints a picture for his listeners through his music. Brightening the day with an energetic introduction consisting of vibrant melodies, FRQ NCY begins to twist your imagination slowly as you begin to float through a river of  bass-heavy wave lengths which cross between euphoric and mystical. If a song was intended to portray communication between humans and nature, it feels as if this is the one.

On a more personal level, many have experienced ‘Pins and Needles’ in their life time but what about feeling a tingling sensation from a mutated track. With sub levels, screechy instrumentals and a high pitched chime, FRQ NCY’s ability to cross multiple boundaries in this mind-altering single is undeniably impressive. As obsessive as the EP already feels, ‘Rubberband’ is one of my personal favorites as FRQ NCY bridges the gap between trap and bass music with this one. Getting heavier and not to mention filthier as the track progresses, jaws will drop and many will be asking themselves where his cutting edge sound has been all of my life. Inspired earlier to write electronic music after seeing a G Jones show, there is no doubt in my mind that FRQ NCY has just brought the antidote known as ‘Wyvern’ in times of need. Shifting levels slowly with underground-space like vibes, this hard-hitting producer clearly has the ability to twist his signature sound and innovate even further in the bass scene.