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Armani White has been on our radar for years, so we’re gassed to see him crush it with his new EP, Things We Lost In The Fire. The project is a personal one, as he expresses his sentiments about 2 house fires he’s experienced: one in his childhood and one just last year.

It took me years to try and rid myself of the guilt of the house fire of 2006. As a preteen, it was hard conceptualizing that a problem couldn’t be fixed or lives lost couldn’t be found again. In 2020, I battled that same depression in person, on the roof fighting my problems until I couldn’t anymore. The cover represents the person I wish I was during both fires.

Armani white

The EP gets deep quickly, starting with a moving melody called ‘Too Many Angels’: a tribute to the four family members he lost in the first fire. ‘Watch Yourself’ is more of an upbeat track that features jazzy horns and a hard-hitting beat. But it stays true to the project’s theme through the music video, where he dresses up as a firefighter, embodying the person he has always wanted to be.

‘Danny Mac’ is a fun ode to his brother that looks on the bright side of a dark situation. When they were charged for arson, Dan was arrested and detained for 2 months although not at fault. Armani tells AllHipHop, “In a year, Dan went from an ex-convict trying to get his feet on the ground to wearing Dior sneakers like their gym shoes to go get lunch at Ruth’s Chris.”

He continues with family homages with heartfelt tune ‘Melinda’—named after his cousin—before closing out the EP with the uplifting ‘Grateful.’ By the end of Things We Lost In The Fire, you’ll learn so much about Armani White and how important family means to him. His sonic streams of consciousness are so raw and emotive, giving life to his past experiences so that every listener can feel it.

We can tell this project must have been a healing journey, and we’re so thankful he shared his story with us.

Listen to Armani White – Things We Lost In The Fire below.

Armani White · Things We Lost In The Fire