ALRT Demonstrates Why The Past Influences The Present In ‘ORIGIN’

Over four years in the making, ALRT‘s debut album ORIGIN is finally here. The Israel-born, LA-based artist has been at the forefront of the bass scene since he first started posting tracks to SoundCloud, with a combination of originals, high-profile collaborations and official remixes lining his catalogue of energetic tunes. Flaunting a unique approach to production, ALRT refuses to confine himself to a single style, often showcasing a high-octane, pedal-to-the-metal intensity, but never going overboard with it. Now, the artist delivers his first album to the masses via his own NRG Records, and the thirteen-track endeavour is further proof of ALRT’s undeniable skills.

The ensemble of tracks that comprise ORIGIN are not entirely new – works such as ‘All The Night,’ ‘My Level’ and ‘Vanity’ were born at the inception of the ALRT project back in 2018. That’s what makes ORIGIN special, though. It’s a story of ALRT’s discography told through one cohesive body of work, where listeners get to experience the evolution and versatility of the artist in one sitting. Fans of the artist are well aware of his ability to blend genres together, using influence from hard dance, dubstep, old-school rave and much more in many of his tracks. ORIGIN is the embodiment of this talent, as the project boasts the signature sound that ALRT has carved throughout the years, yet it never lacks ingenuity or liveliness. ‘POPPIN” is but one of the many examples and standouts that push the word genre to new limits, where trap and Jersey club meet to create a festival-ready anthem. Each piece contributes something unique to the collection, and each is sure to get you moving.

If you loved BRAVE, you’ll love ORIGIN. If you didn’t, you’ll probably still like ORIGIN. Don’t miss it below.