Across The Pond: Dutchavelli – FUXWITHIT

If there’s one U.K. Artist you should get to know right now, it’s Dutchavelli. For many, 2020 has been a crazy year, but since releasing his debut single in January of this year – for Dutch, it’s been a whirlwind of success. As the younger brother of Stefflon Don, music flows through the Birmingham born rapper’s veins and the hits keep on coming. With only a few professional releases to his name, Dutch has already had a Top 10 and another Top 40 Single in the U.K. and is set to keep up his winning streak. GRM Daily, who post their weekly YouTube numbers on their social media, revealed he was the first artist to secure 4 spots in the Top 10 last week. Appearing on their 10th Anniversary compilation album, he’s becoming a huge part of the culture in a very short space of time and now, even has a feature from one of the U.K.’s biggest acts of the moment; Stormzy.

Much like his fellow collaborators, brands such as Adidas have cottoned on to the growing success of the rising star and have endorsed competitions Dutch has thrown as part of the launch of his new clothing line ‘Avelli Davelli’. Along with teasing the new line across his social media, Dutch can be seen in the studio with such producers as Carnage and hints at a new mixtape, which couldn’t be better timed with the incline of prosperity the rapper has seen so far this year. Here are a few of those bangers we’ve heard in 2020 so far.

Only If You Knew

The sound of the streets. The rapper’s professional debut that came in January of this year was the match to ignite the rocket of successes the star has had this year. The raw lyrical content match the gritty tone that Dutch delivers oh so well, over the hard-hitting beat. Across the U.K. fans have taken to this track in numbers and kept it on repeat.


As part of GRM Daily’s GRM10 album to celebrate ten years of the channel, Dutchavelli collaborated with fellow hitmaker M Huncho on a huge track. The combination of both autotune and hard-hitting rap style vocals over the melodic Drill beat is a matchmaker that no one saw coming. The beat is fantastic and if Migos were about try Drill, this would be the beat they’d use. Peaking at 13 in the U.K. charts, the single was the highest charting single of the album.

I Dunno

Three of the most watched U.K. Artists of the moment on one track? Sounds like a good idea and sounds even better when you hear the finished product. Tion Wayne is fast becoming one of the U.K.’a most sought after feature acts for his catchy choruses and when paired with smash verses from Stormzy and Dutch, the track comes together beautifully and hits just as it should. As Dutch’s highest charting track, peaking at Number 7 in the U.K. charts, it is sure to be the first of many Top 10’s for the rapper.

Hints at a mixtape being in the works are what fans are holding their breath for as Dutch‘s recent single ‘Black’ has continued his run of killer singles. As long as we keep receiving new music, we won’t be complaining. Here’s to hoping that it’s nearly ready for the world to see.