Acrillics Showcase Their Versatility Yet Again With 'Chroma' – FUXWITHIT

When we look at the underground electronic music landscape in its current state, we are seeing a community of producers and listeners who are becoming more and more open to experimenting with other genres and styles. That’s just what we have here with Acrillics new single ‘Chroma’ Becoming known for their hard-hitting halftime/trap records, the international duo, and FUX favorite Acrillics have recently started to dabble into the drum and bass scene, and we’re all here for it. If Acrillics collaboration with Noughts is any foreshadowing, we’re in for a ride with ‘Chroma’. 

We begin with an intro full of static noise and pounding percussion before quickly being thrown into a blender with wonky bass sound-design that becomes a constant throughout the drop section and these grime hi-pitch one-shots in the breaks of these wonky basses, to give this track a little bit of Jump-up influence. Just when you least expect it, the duo switches it up to half-time for the last section of the drop providing that perfect energy switch up leading into the breakdown. Make sure to check out the whole track down below and grab the free download!