we rose And ROSSY 'see through' The Elegant Factors Of Life – FUXWITHIT

Ever wanted to know how heaven sounds? Well, with the help of we rose and ROSSY’s brand new single, ‘see through,’ we can get a full representation. It’s so exciting to hear them joining forces. we rose have continued to shake the ground with their well-formed 808s, maleficent melodies, and heavy drums. While ROSSY is growing a garden of prosperity with her lush production and peaceful voice. And to put them together results in the equivalent of rain washing over to form new life. Believe us when we say, you’ll be surprised to hear the outcome of this piece.

‘see through’ is a virtual orchestra playing in perfect harmony. Experiencing both of their melodic backgrounds in production is nothing but inspiring and blissful. Starting off with an ominous and well-rounded atmosphere, ROSSY and we rose introduce themselves with deep synths and jaw-dropping vocals. Nurturing the listener’s mindset with each note. And while the drums and elements speed up, the audience is even more eager to hear what happens. Easily telling something beautiful is about to sprout. Once they drop the chorus, it’s as if the wildlife within a forest came together to harmonize in an unspeakable fashion. The airy future-based chords combined with the main vocal compliments each other to the highest degree. Each second is treasured with real care.

But if you thought it was over, think again. Because these top-tier artists aren’t finished. Hearing another buildup formulate, the listener is transported to a spaceship. Ready to take off to explore brand new sightings. And then all of a sudden, it hits us like a meteor hurtling through space and time. Thinking it’ll have some similarities to the first chorus, they immediately switch it up into something new. Taking charge and controlling the rapid-fire arp was pure genius to keep listeners on their toes. They flutter around your head like butterflies dancing around. Not to mention the ghastly harmonies gluing it all together. Pure beauty to say the least.

The way these two surprised us all with a memorable and star-striking piece was a treat. Go show your support by streaming ‘see through’ everywhere!