Slang Dogs Open Up A New Division With Their 'Reckoning of Endal' EP – FUXWITHIT

Prepare yourselves, because the hounds are out of the cage. Continuing their story of great success, Slang Dogs have released their newest EP called Reckoning of Endal. Which is out now on Electric Hawk Records. After their phenomenal Sacrament project, they only inspired themselves more to continue the journey through sound. And they’re bringing us along for the ride. Known for their heavy distinctive sound design and atmospheres, these boys have been leaving a wonderful mark on the industry. Each claw mark representing a piece of their creativity and passion for music. Not to mention their jaw dropping album artworks. Painting a perfect picture to help us see and hear what they’re experiencing. But let’s see what lies ahead in the deep and dark wilderness they’re transporting us to.

The Reckoning of Endal EP is a magnificent body of work. Every track contains qualities which push their styles even higher than ever. A whole ritual to summon the greater demons which lie beneath our feet. Coming out to honor their interpretation of evil itself. From distorted bass leads, haunting atmospheres and more, Slang Dogs really put in the effort to care for every little detail. Keeping the project as a whole truly unique and special. Telling us it’s their time to shine through the darkness. It’s a tale like no other, and keeps the listener immersed each second. So if you’re looking for some brand new bass music to sink your teeth into, then look no further because this project exceeds any cravings you have and more within the rhythm and sound design spectrum.

Slang Dogs are a pair you don’t want to mess with. Their impressive discography and production quality separates themselves from the norm, and into the unknown. Make sure to go support by streaming their Reckoning of Endal EP everywhere.

Slang Dogs · ‘Reckoning of Endal’ EP [ OUT VIA ELECTRIC HAWK RECORDS ]