Watch Video: Omerettá The Great Shakes The Table With Her New Song “Sorry Not Sorry”

Rising star Omerettá The Great is setting the record straight on what she feels the real Atlanta is with her new single “Sorry Not Sorry.”

In the two-minute fifty-one-second video, Omerettá takes aim at everyone who she feels false claims that they’re from the city. She confidently lists multiple surrounding areas that, in her words, “are not Atlanta.” She goes on to ask a few questions that she says you must answer if you’re really from the A. “What zone are you from? What hood did you live in? What hospital bed were you born?” She must’ve known the traction the song would get because she stated “After this drop, do not jump to no conclusions…I don’t need these folks in my mentions.” But that’s exactly what happened.

As one might imagine, a song of this magnitude got the internet buzzing. Some fans responded with jokes on the topic. Other fans literally went as far as to explain where they were from and why it actually is considered Atlanta. One fan even pointed out that Omerettá filmed the video at Truist Park(the Atlanta Braves home stadium), which according to her definition, isn’t Atlanta either. The song even got legendary Atlanta rapper T.I. to chime in. There were a myriad of responses to the now-viral track but here are some of our favorites:

The song ends with Omerettá mentioning that she knows that some people would “be mad at this one.” Whether they were mad, entertained, or left not knowing if they were really from Atlanta or not, she definitely got the people talking. How do you feel about the song? What do you think the REAL Atlanta is? Be sure to let us know in the comments.