Watch This: Viral Reworked Medley Inspired By Sister Act 2

A new rework of the 1993 classic film Sister Act 2 comes in the form of a gospel medley that has the Internet buzzing. Producer Michael Korte released his latest viral sensation inspired by the film with a variety of creators from singer and viral TikTok sensation Coco Jones, rapper and choreographer Sharaya J and artist Blimes.

Korte is known for producing viral music videos including his Hercules muses medley which reached over 4 million views. Korte Productions found its’ niche for recreating timeless musical films with a modern twist that includes up and coming creators across the arts. The production company has filmed countless videos and Korte seems to have an affinity for Disney movies with his library including “Queens Sing King,’ a soulful medley of songs from Lion King featuring nine powerful female vocalists. The talent and the range are showcased in each video.


His latest rework has also gained massive traction already reaching 15 thousand views since it was published two days ago (Dec. 1). The latest mashup features a glorious medley of songs from the iconic musical film. The piece was beautifully arranged by Bryson Camper and filmed by Amanda Ferrarese under Korte’s production company Korte Productions.

After briefly catching up with the creator Michael Korte, he gives praise and credit to Mervyn Warren “for his original work” on the film and his creative partner Bryson Camper’s insanely skillful interpretations of his arrangements.

Producer and creator Michael Korte shares his mission behind the project, “we all know 2020 has been a difficult year. The goal was to release something in hopes of spreading joy! Sister Act 2 has always been my favorite film, and something I’ve turned to for joy.  [I] just wanted to try and pay thanks to a classic that has done so much for me.”

We asked Korte how he has cultivated an audience on YouTube garnering over 52 thousand subscribers on the platform. He humbly answers, “cultivating the audience has come organically, slowly but surely, but spiritually. Grateful to be building this tiny space on the internet where talent is celebrated.”

Watch the full Sister Act 2 medley on YouTube and and continue to support Michael Korte’s growing platform. He has already created a household name with his wonderful takes on classic films.