Watch Juvenile’s Much Awaited Tiny Desk Concert


The much anticipated Tinny Desk concert from Juvenile is here.

Fans had been looking forward to this event ever since it was announced Juvenile’s set was recorded recently in celebration of Black Music Month. The rap legend performs a nearly 30 minute set where he is assisted by Mannie Fresh, plus other musicians on drums, bass, guitar and keys.

Juvie performs his songs “Bling Bling,” “Ha,” “Set It Off,” “Slow Motion,” “Rodeo,” “Nolia Clap,” “I Need A Hot Girl,” “Project Chick,” and “Back That Azz Up.” Watch it below.

“Intro (feat. Mannie Fresh)”
“400 Degreez (feat. Mannie Fresh)”
“Bling Bling (feat. Mannie Fresh)”
“Set It Off”
“Slow Motion”
“Rodeo (feat. The Amours)”
“I Need A Hot Girl (feat. Mannie Fresh)”
“Project Bitch (feat. Mannie Fresh)”
“Back That Azz Up (feat. Mannie Fresh)”

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