UPDATE: Keedron Bryant Releases His Viral Protest Song Officially, After Signing With Warner Records

We have some amazing news to share. 12-year-old Keedron Bryant went viral after posting his heartbreaking protest song “I Just Want To Live” — a moment that got him recognized by the nation and record labels, alike. And now, the talented young man has officially been signed to Warner Records.

“Keedron Bryant, the 12-year-old who turned heads on social media with his passionate performance about being a young black man in today’s world, has signed a deal with Warner Records and his poignant song will officially be released Friday (June 19),” Billboard states. Keedron told The Associated Press this week that he’s very excited…

“It’s very exciting because this is what God’s called me to do,” he reportedly said, adding “it’s just been an exciting experience to work with my mom.”

Apparently, music producer Dem Jointz saw Keedron’s a capella video, which led to a reworking of the song and more eyes on Keedron. From Billboard:

“It just moved me to create music around his vocal,” said Dem Jointz, who produced music for the song and then contacted the family to share his version with them. “It was so much energy coming from the video alone, it was just easy for me to produce around that.” Dem Jointz’s re-working of the song caught the attention of the head of urban marketing at Warner Records: “I was already moved by the record but hearing the vocals over the production, it just hit me in another way,” Chris Atlas said.

Check out the official release below and join us in congratulating the young KING.